COB light source technology

Ningbo Deamak Company is a company specializing in the design and production of intelligent night lights. COB light source technology is used in some products of the company.

COB light source is a high power integrated surface light source. It is a high light efficiency integrated surface light source technology that directly pastes THE LED chip on the mirror metal substrate with high reflective rate. This technology eliminates the concept of bracket and has no electroplating, reflow welding and SMT process, so the process is reduced by nearly one-third and the cost is also saved by one-third.

COB light source can be designed according to the product shape structure of the light source light area and size.

Product features: cheap, convenient

Electrical stability, circuit design, optical design, heat dissipation design scientific and reasonable;

Heat sink technology is adopted to ensure that LED has the industry-leading thermal lumen retention rate (95%).

It is convenient for the secondary optical matching of the product and improves the lighting quality.

High color display, uniform luminescence, no light spot, health and environmental protection.

Simple installation, easy to use, reduce the difficulty of lamp design, saving lamp processing and subsequent maintenance costs.


There are two main forms of bare Chip technology: COB technology and Flip Chip technology. Chip on board packaging (COB), semiconductor chip handover affixed to the PRINTED circuit board, chip and substrate electrical connection is realized by lead suture method, and covered with resin to ensure reliability.


The process of Chip On Board (COB) is to cover the silicon wafer placement point with thermally conductive epoxy resin (generally silver doped epoxy resin) On the surface of the substrate, and then place the silicon wafer directly On the surface of the substrate, heat treatment until the silicon wafer is firmly fixed On the substrate. Then wire welding is used to establish a direct electrical connection between the silicon wafer and the substrate.


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Post time: May-04-2022