• Round button light K6A

    Round button light K6A

    Click the yellow M button to turn on the light, followed by yellow light-white light-yellow and white mixed color-off light (monochromatic white light/yellow light is optional). The rechargeable battery can be recharged and used.

    Appication scenari+os: corridors, stairs, bathrooms, bedroom headboards, kitchens,play place, outdoor place,gifts.

  • Remote Control Negative Ion Aromatherapy Night Light DMK-Z13

    Remote Control Negative Ion Aromatherapy Night Light DMK-Z13


    The multifunctional remote control negative ion aromatherapy night light has a built-in negative ion generator, which can eliminate smoke, dust and purify the air, reducing the harm of PM2.5 to the human body; the bottom is removable, and the aromatherapy sheet is installed to diffuse the aroma through the built-in fan; it is equipped with one The remote control can adjust the brightness of the light and turn off the light for 10 minutes and 30 minutes through the remote control. Press the M button and the negative ion(negative ion type) and fan will work at the same time. The lamp body has a switch, and it can be used normally after the remote control is lost; there are night lights and RGB Two light sources of colorful atmosphere lights, which can be used according to different environments.

  • Remote control touch night light DMK-006S, DMK-003S

    Remote control touch night light DMK-006S, DMK-003S

    The remote control touch dual-purpose lamp can also be used as a handheld illuminator. The lamp holder can be rotated 360 degrees, without lighting blind spots (006S rotating model). The built-in magnetic magnet can absorb iron objects, and it can also be attached to the wall or other places with double-sided tape; there is a yellow touch button M on the lamp body. Long press to turn on the yellow light, white light, turn off the light, long press the M button to steplessly adjust the brightness; equipped with a remote control, you can switch between yellow, white, yellow, and white and adjust the brightness of the light; the remote control can be timed for 10 minutes and 30 Minutes, when the time is up, the lights will be turned off automatically (charge and battery dual-use models).

    Application scenario: dormitory bedside,bathroom,corridor,stairwell,cabinet.

  • Little Bear Pat Pat Silicone Lamp DMK-009

    Little Bear Pat Pat Silicone Lamp DMK-009

    There are three types of cute expression styles of Pai Bear Silicone Lamp: Love, Happy, and Cool Bear. Each style has three models: pat control, remote control, and recording. The shooting control model lights up as white light, tap the bear, the light turns to red, green, blue light, colorful gradient, and off; the remote control model adds the remote control function on the basis of the shooting control model, and the remote control has ten gears. Step dimming function, 20 kinds of light modes can be selected. There are monochromatic adjustment, monochromatic breathing flashing, colorful breathing fast and slow flashing; on the basis of shooting control, the recording model can record, or interactively follow the reading, and the follow-up has two sounds, the original sound and the changed voice, and the default is the original sound effect.

  • Dormitory reading light DMK-018

    Dormitory reading light DMK-018

    The dormitory lights are simple in design, stylish in shape and easg, when the brightness is adjusted to the highest and lowest, there will be flashing lights; 2000 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, long battery life (lithium battery type).y to install. Use 3M adhesive base to install, the lamp body can be magnetically attached to the base, it can be rotated up and down to adjust the light-emitting angle, or it can be removed as a handheld lighting; 60 high-quality LED lamp beads, highlighting without flicker, eye protection without ghosting ; The appearance is made of Seiko aluminum, the surface is matt black electroplating process, high-end atmosphere, the light board is made of high light transmission and diffusion engineering PC material; the first touch of the lamp body switch is yellow and white mixed color 50% brightness, the second touch is white, yellow, Turn off; long press stepless dimmin

  • UFO light (button model)  DMK-023T

    UFO light (button model) DMK-023T

    The UFO appearance design is interesting and novel. For the three-color model, click the yellow M button to turn on yellow light-white light-three-color light-turn off the light, and cycle in turn. For the monochrome model, the button is yellow/white-turn off the light; both models have long press and stepless dimming; both are built in the base The magnet can be magnetically attracted to iron objects or pasted on the actual objects. It has a built-in 400 mA polymer battery, which can be recharged and used.

    Application scenarios: corridors, stairs, bathrooms, bedroom headboards, kitchens.

  • Flip remote control socket light DMK-010

    Flip remote control socket light DMK-010

    Flip-type remote control socket lamp, novel design and fashionable appearance. The lampshade can be flipped up and down to adjust the lighting angle; remote control switch and ten-level dimming function, three color temperature white-yellow-color mixing can be switched cyclically, 10 minutes and 30 minutes timer shutdown function; the lamp body has a key switch, short press to switch the light color , Long press stepless dimming; with five-hole adapter, output power up to 2500W, can be plugged into various electronic devices; lamp body with USB charging port, output 5V/2.1A, rated power 10.5W (plus USB version).

  • Plug-in Sunburst Night Light DMK-005

    Plug-in Sunburst Night Light DMK-005

    The sun-sensing night light is stylish and looks like the rising sun, lighting up warmth for the family; there are three versions of light control, sound and light control, and remote control;


    light control type: when the light is weak, the night light will automatically turn on , When the light is strong, it automatically enters the standby mode.


    Sound and light control type: When the light is weak, the night light will automatically light up when the sound source is higher than 60 decibels, and automatically enter the standby mode after 60 seconds.


    Remote control type: Stepless dimming and 10-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute timing operation can be carried out through the remote control. At the same time, it also has a light control function to prevent the remote control from being lost or damaged to affect the use of the lamp.


  • Music box portable lamp DMK-008

    Music box portable lamp DMK-008

    The portable lamp design is light and simple, stylish and beautiful. It can be placed on the bedside as emergency lighting such as baby feeding lights, or used by writers and outdoor celebrations; yellow light and white light are optional, the yellow light is warm and soft, and the white light is clear and bright; the music box has a built-in clockwork music box, Tighten the clockwork of the bottom of the lamp and release it, the sound quality is clear and pleasant; the top button has a timing function, lightly press this button, the light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes; lightly rotate the top switch button to adjust the brightness of the light; the indicator light is when charging Red, the indicator light is green when it is full. 1200mAh lithium battery, 12 hours long battery life.