Smart reading lamp DMK-027

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Intelligent induction reading desk lamp, appearance piano paint process, calm atmosphere; lamp holder can be extended 270 degrees +180 degrees, can meet different lighting needs. The desk lamp has a human body sensing function when it is turned on. When the lamp is closed, it enters the sensing mode. It lights up when a person is sensed at night, and turns off after a person leaves for 30 seconds; long press the smart dimming button, the electronic clock enters the clock setting, and the quantile flashes , Click the slider to adjust, the right half is +, the left half is-(long press to select increment or decrement); after setting, you need to click the smart dimming button to confirm the completion; the same operation, you can set the hours; The light key can automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding light environment to make the light more suitable for your eyes; sliding the slider can easily adjust the brightness you want; the color temperature control key can switch three color temperatures, suitable for different learning and office environments; Delay light off key function, short press this key, the indicator light flashes, and turn off the light after 60s delay; long press this key (2S): the indicator light is always on, and it goes out after 30 minutes;


Application scenarios: Reading, Study and office desk.




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Rated voltage Power/w Light color Rated input Critical Color box gross weight/KG Product size/mm Protection level Packing quantity/PCS Gross weight/KG
100-240V~50/60Hz 12W 4000K / 5000K 0.3A(220V~) Ra>95 2.15KG H 458*W165 IP20

Product Information

Product Information

Product model: DMK-O27
Rated voltage: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.3A
Rated power: 12W
Color temperature range: 4000K/ 5000K
CRI: Ra>95
Protection level: IP20
Power factor: 0.45


1.power button The indicator lights upwhen turned on.

2.Color temperature adjustment Three-level color temperature: Warm white-white light-mixed mode.

3.Delay turn off the lightsTurn off the light after a shorttime delay of 6os;Long press the indicator lightis always on, timingTurn off the lights after 30minutes.

4.Smart dimmingTurn on/off lightcompensation mode.

5.Brightness adjustment sliderStepless dimming: slide the button areato adjust the brightness (20%-100%)Long press to enter time setting.


1. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Yes, we require a minimum order quantity for all international orders. If you want to resell but in much smaller quantities we recommend checking out our website
2. What is the average delivery time?
For samples, the delivery time is about 10 days. For mass production, the delivery time is 25-35 days after receiving the deposit, if our delivery time cannot meet your deadline, please check your requirements in your sales; in any case, we will do our best to meet Your request, and in most cases, we can do it.
3. What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay via our bank account: 30% prepayment

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