Smart cabinet light (clock + hand sweep) DMK-025S

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DMK-025 smart cabinet lamp comes have three open/use styles: human body sensor, hand sweep chronograph and hand sweep clock. From the outside, the hand sweep chronograph is very similar to the clock model. The timing model has a countdown, reminding function; The clock model can display the time, showing the value of hours and minutes. DMK-025 product structure is mainly composed of circular PCB board and LED lamp tubes on both sides. The outer ring of the circular PCB board can be opened to emit blue light, and the LED lights on both sides can rotate 360 degrees. A potentiometer is also installed at the center of the circular PCB in the middle of the manual sweep, which is used for timing and adjustment after opening.

This picture is DMK-025S, hand sweeping clock model.

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Product details:

1. Hand sweep function
By hand sweeping infrared sensor head to control on/off, single induction on/off the LED light; long-term induction stepless dimming function;

2. Potentiometer function
When the potentiometer is not pressed, it can be dimmed by turning left and right (for ten-step dimming);Press the potentiometer to turn on/off the digital tube. Long press for 2S to enter the time adjustment hour position, and it can be rotated left and right to adjust, touch again to adjust the number of minutes, click and confirm.The LED light is turned on or the digital tube is turned on, and the blue ambient light on the outer circle of the PCB board is turned on;

3. Delayed turn-off function
Double-click the potentiometer to enter the delayed light off: the light will be turned off after a delay of 5 minutes (when the light is off delayed, the ambient light in the outer ring is in a breathing state)

4. Endurance
The induction lamp has a built-in 4400mA large-capacity 18650 lithium battery. It can work continuously for about 10 hours in the brightest state. Please do not fully discharge the battery. Please charge it in time when the battery is low. The charging time is about 7 hours. Into the green light.

Application: Cupboard, wardrobe, Corridor, storage room, mirror lamp

Products description:

Plug standard Power/w Colour Wire length /m Battery capacity Color box gross weight/KG Product size/mm Carton size/mm Packing quantity/PCS Gross weight/KG
Micro-USB 3.2W White 1M 4000 mA (Polymer battery) 0.358KG 475*88*34 525*315*350 18 7.8

Smart cabinet light (clock + hand sweep) DMK-025Ssingle

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