• Pulley Readdesk Lamp Home Office LED Multifunctional Desk Lamp Factory

    Pulley Readdesk Lamp Home Office LED Multifunctional Desk Lamp Factory

    The Pulley Reading Lamp is our latest innovation in lighting technology. This LED desk lamp is not just your ordinary lighting fixture, it is a multi-functional and versatile addition to any home or office space.

  • High appearance level and sustainable inductive reading lamp-DMK-027

    High appearance level and sustainable inductive reading lamp-DMK-027

    Introducing the Sensor Reading Desk Lamp, a versatile and innovative lighting solution designed to enhance your reading experience. This cutting-edge lamp features a foldable body that can be easily adjusted and positioned to provide the perfect lighting angle for your reading needs. Equipped with advanced body sensors, the light automatically turns on when motion is detected, providing convenient hands-free operation.

  • Smart reading lamp DMK-027

    Smart reading lamp DMK-027

    Intelligent induction reading desk lamp, appearance piano paint process, calm atmosphere; lamp holder can be extended 270 degrees +180 degrees, can meet different lighting needs. The desk lamp has a human body sensing function when it is turned on. When the lamp is closed, it enters the sensing mode. It lights up when a person is sensed at night, and turns off after a person leaves for 30 seconds; long press the smart dimming button, the electronic clock enters the clock setting, and the quantile flashes , Click the slider to adjust, the right half is +, the left half is-(long press to select increment or decrement); after setting, you need to click the smart dimming button to confirm the completion; the same operation, you can set the hours; The light key can automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding light environment to make the light more suitable for your eyes; sliding the slider can easily adjust the brightness you want; the color temperature control key can switch three color temperatures, suitable for different learning and office environments; Delay light off key function, short press this key, the indicator light flashes, and turn off the light after 60s delay; long press this key (2S): the indicator light is always on, and it goes out after 30 minutes;


    Application scenarios: Reading, Study and office desk.




  • Folding reading lamp DMK-017

    Folding reading lamp DMK-017

    Simple table lamp: folding 180 degree + 270 degree design, shiny mirror panel, stylish matte black appearance. Double color temperature design, eye protection without flicker; light touch the switch button to turn on and off the light, long press can be infinitely dimming; light touch the M button to switch the color temperature, long press the M button to quickly adjust the color temperature, choose the color temperature that suits you; built-in 2000mAh 18650 lithium The battery can be charged or plugged in; the built-in low-voltage detection function will automatically turn off the light when discharged below 3V; please charge it in time, the red indicator light is on for charging, charging takes about 3h, and it turns green when fully charged.

    Application scenarios: Study and office desk.