Product upgrading, winning by quality

Our goal-high standard
Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED night lights. Our goal is to provide efficient customer service with a high level of company professionalism, craftsmanship and R&D capabilities. We strive to keep developing new products that meet customer needs, updating existing product details in real time, and providing customized services, by which we survive and keep moving forward.

Why choose us?
When it comes to LED lighting, you will find that Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology meet your expectation of a perfect long term business partner. From ambient lights, smart cabinet lights, reading lights and decorative lights, to outdoor solar sensor lights, camping lights, everything! Backed by rich industry experience and professional R&D team, we have a proven track record in innovation and design capabilities, ensuring quality products at competitive prices.

Keep surpassing
The focus on research and development enables us to maintain a leading position in the market and integrate the latest technology into the current product series. In order to ensure absolute advantage, innovation ability is essential. Our products are being updated and are currently developing the astronaut series night Lamp, at the same time signed up to participate in the 3rd China(Indonesia) Trade Fair to further expand the Southeast Asian market.

Professionalism in lighting fixtures
So far, the company has not only obtained varies certificates of BSCI, GSV, ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, FCC, etc., but also has many unique design patents for products. Honestly speaking, we have seen so many of copies of our patented products and our legal advisors are very busy suing multiple companies for infringement of our design patents. This also reflects from one aspect that our appearance design has been recognized by the market and becomes popular.


Ningbo Deamak team has always put the needs and desires of its clients first. By constantly providing new and innovative products with quality and value, Deamak will be your perfect partner for all your trade development. We will continue to establish new levels of innovation and deliver new products as we believe that innovation is the engine that drives all product and corporate development. We will continue to maintain the spirit of “self-transcendence, pursuit of excellence, and forge ahead” in the future.

Post time: Mar-03-2023