Application field of human body sensor ceiling lamp

When it comes to the human body sensor ceiling lamp, I believe everyone is familiar with it, and it is widely used in daily life. The sensor lamp is not only a lighting fixture, but also more convenient to use.

Human body sensor ceiling lamps have a wide range of applications, and the following are some common applications.

  1. Aisles and stairwells: In these two areas, people come and go more frequently. We usually do not actively turn on and off the lights when passing by, and it is inconvenient. The use of LED human body sensor ceiling lamp is perfect.
  2. Bathroom: Whether it is a home or other places, the environment in these two areas is small, the lights are dim, and the lamps in commercial places are always on. This is not a solution to the problem of energy saving. If you install LED human body sensor ceiling lamp, which benefits from the infrared induction of the flush toilet, truly achieves intelligence and improves the grade and quality of life.
  3. Elevator: In the elevator, although there are not many lamps, the power consumption is high and the lighting time is long, and the electricity consumption should not be underestimated. Installing the LED human body sensor ceiling lamp saves not only electricity, but also the pursuit of technology applications.
  4. Warehouses: Warehouses are characterized by a large number of products and are stacked in a disorderly manner, while traditional lighting circuits are controlled by sub-regions. In order to find a product, it is possible to turn on all the lights and turn off the lights when leaving, which is not good for energy saving and work. And installing the LED human body sensor ceiling light is like following a person to turn on and off the light for you, and you can concentrate on your work.


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Post time: Aug-12-2022