Little Bear Pat Pat Silicone Lamp DMK-009

Short Description:

There are three types of cute expression styles of Pai Bear Silicone Lamp: Love, Happy, and Cool Bear. Each style has three models: pat control, remote control, and recording. The shooting control model lights up as white light, tap the bear, the light turns to red, green, blue light, colorful gradient, and off; the remote control model adds the remote control function on the basis of the shooting control model, and the remote control has ten gears. Step dimming function, 20 kinds of light modes can be selected. There are monochromatic adjustment, monochromatic breathing flashing, colorful breathing fast and slow flashing; on the basis of shooting control, the recording model can record, or interactively follow the reading, and the follow-up has two sounds, the original sound and the changed voice, and the default is the original sound effect.

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Application scenarios:
Bedside in the bedroom, placed in the living room, sleeping with children, patting and decompression, giving gifts to each other.

Product Description:

Type Plug standard Power/w Light color Wire length /m Battery capacity Color box gross weight/KG Product size/mm Carton size/mm Packing quantity/PCS Gross weight/KG
shooting control model Micro-USB 1W warm color+seven color 1M 1200 mAh (lithium battery) 0.24KG 132*100*152
remote control Micro-USB 1W warm color+seven color 1M 1200 mAh (lithium battery) 0.27KG 132*100*152
recording model Micro-USB 1W warm color+seven color 1M 1200 mAh (lithium battery) 0.25KG 132*100*152

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Common ground
1.Both can be charged and used, chargingfor about 3 hours, white light can be usedfor about 7 hours / colorful light for about20 hours.
2.All can be touched to change color

1.The remote control can be controlledremotely, but the pat and voice modelscannot.
2.The voice model can record and repeat thevoice, but the pat model and remote controlmodel cannot

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A magical little bear
Three styles can be chosen at will


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