What does ambry lamp install way have?

When cooking in the evening, a lot of owners often feel the light is not bright enough, want to undertake ambry lamp installation only actually, the situation has greatly improve. What does ambry lamp install way have? 
1, find line positioning 
Before installing cabinet lamp belt, it is necessary to use the indoor unified requirements to mark the high line first, and determine the installation position of the lamp belt according to the standard requirements of the design construction drawing, to ensure that the height is appropriate, and can not affect the installation of cabinets. 
2. Install the frame 
For the installation of the frame, wall cabinet and hanging cabinet, it is recommended to complete it before plastering. After fixing the position, nail the two nails between the frame and the wall. Nails should be hidden and not exposed. 
3, reasonable drilling 
If the wall is light partition wall, can be fixed according to the structural design. If the lamp belt design does not limit the requirements, the hole size between 70-100mm, wait until the interface agent solidified before the cabinet installation. 
4, install the lamp belt 
After the frame is fixed, you can install the lamp belt. Pay attention to the selection of the appropriate size of the lamp belt, so as to ensure that the installation has a good effect. 

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Post time: Jun-30-2022