The market prospect of desk lamp

       High-power LED desk lamp is made of metal structure with high-power luminous control. The lamp combine decorative lighting effect with stable performance, environmental protection and low energy consumption, which is an ideal new generation of environmental protection desk lamp .

Function and characteristics: 

(1) Energy saving:the light source adopts high-power LED with low energy consumption and high efficiency.  Power: 3 w

(2) Environmental protection:no pollution, no ultraviolet, no infrared, no thermal radiation.

(3) Eye care:①make use of low voltage constant current power supply, no strobe, no glare.

②has wide irradiation area, uniform brightness, good visual effect.

③achieve the light soft, smooth, continuous, close to the natural light, is the real ideal light source.

(4) Durable:the life of LED lamp up to 50000h, adopt metal structure, strong metal texture.

(5) Sufficient illumination:under the condition that the luminescent part of the table lamp is 350~400mm away from the desktop, the desktop illumination can reach more than 500lx.


At present, high-power LED table lamp is at the market development stage, the price is high and customers know little about it, but its market potential is huge. Due to its advantages, such as eye protection, power saving, environmental protection and long life, it can be expected that in the near future, with the continuous decline in the cost of high-power LED table lamp, its market will have a broad development. By then, high-power LED table lamp will enter into thousands of households, become our daily  partner.

Desk lamp is a kind of household appliance used for lighting in people's life. Its function is to focus the lights in a small area for easy work and study. The bright illuminate range of desk lamp is relatively concentrated and won't affect the light of whole room consequently. The action is limited around desk lamp to facilitate reading, study, work and save energy. At present, there are hundreds of desk lamp brands in the Chinese market.

With the continuous increase of market participants, the competition of desk lamp market is becoming increasingly fierce. Dealer mode and e-commerce mode are closely combined: LED table lamp enterprises pay more attention to online sales, combined with online platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong and so on.

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Post time: Aug-04-2022