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Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on human body sensor lights, creative night lights, cabinet lights, table lamps, outdoor solar lights and other series of design, production manufacturers. The company has a senior designed and developed team, such as our electrical engineers can independently develop power supply, familiar with IC specifications, PCB design and modification, skilled in using Protel, Altium Designer and other working software. They have bachelor degree, majored in science and engineering, majored in electronics, familiar with safety certification and energy efficiency certification requirements of lamps and lanterns at home and abroad, most of them have more than 2 years of experience in the development of switching power supply and linear power supply of lamps and lanterns.

Structural engineer skilled in CAD、Pro-E、Creo、UG、Solidwork and other work software, independently follow up projects, understand BOM, supplier proofing. They have a bachelor's degree, majored in science andengineering, or machinery; Familiar with common hardware, plastic mold and related material properties; Familiar with safety certification and energy efficiency certification requirements of domestic and foreign lamps.

We also have PIE engineers who have years of experience in lamp design, are skilled in CAD software, and are familiar with the manufacturing process and product technology. There are also 2 professional intelligent engineers, in order to solve the product process problems in production, with research and development ability, with a high degree of self-discipline self-management ability. They have more than 2 years of experience in switching power supply and linear power supply development for LED lighting products. Deep understanding of graffiti module application, wifi Bluetooth Zigbeen Dali; Proficient in CAD, Protel, AD and other design software.

Under such a strong design and development team, our company produces colorful products, such as dmK-008,DMK-009,DMK-030, DMK-K8PL, DMK-024 on our official website. Dmk-003/006pl, DMK-006s,DMK-015,DMK-022PL,DMK-023,DMK-023T,DMK-011PVC and other countries are very popular products, welcome to purchase.

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Post time: May-10-2022