How is the development prospect of intelligent lighting?

Deamak Technology has been focusing on the intelligent lighting industry, and has a deep understanding of this industry. The development prospect of intelligent lighting is very considerable. Besides, it is a popular trend in the future.

Since the beginning of the promotion of smart city construction, the country has also launched a series of policies, which promote the construction of smart city, especially in the current various commercial buildings and home life are perfectly reflected, basically moving toward intelligent. As the crystallization of intelligent development in the field of lighting in the Internet era, intelligent lighting undeniably points out the direction for the intelligent development of cities and families.

Intelligent lighting is the last century 90's just began to enter the Chinese market, with the development of The Times, it has experienced from centralized to distributed to distributed three stages, the advantage is very obvious.It does a good job in energy saving and environmental protection. Generally speaking, it can save more than 30% energy while realizing high brightness lighting, thus creating an efficient, comfortable, safe, economic and beneficial environment.

First of all, Economic and energy saving

The application of intelligent lighting system can restrain the fluctuation of power grid voltage, thus effectively prolonging the life of lamps and reducing the cost of maintenance. In addition, the carbon dioxide produced by the usual lamps and lanterns can not be completely offset by nature, and can not reach the purpose of carbon neutrality advocated by China, which has caused corresponding harm to the social life and natural environment. But intelligent lighting system can rely on a variety of different "preset" control mode and control components, for different period is not the same as the natural environment of light accurately set and reasonable management, suitable for illumination levels in an effort at the same time consuming more calories, overall energy saving effects do more than 30%, fully display the economic energy-saving advantages.

Secondly, easy control

Intelligent lighting control system can complete single-channel, multi-channel, switch, dimming, scene, timing, induction and other control. The operation is also very convenient. Smart lighting products can also control lighting with voice commands. For example, when customers sleep at night, they don’t have to get up and turn off the light at the light switch. As long as the voice says "turn off the light", the intelligent light will turn off by itself.

Thirdly, diversified and personalized lighting

Nowadayscustomers' demand for lighting is not only limited to the visual effect of light and shade, but also to pursue the diversification and individuation of space light environment, which is also the field that traditional lighting cannot touch. When many people gather in the home, the family can choose mode of a variety of diverse family intelligence, giving different lamplight atmosphere.

Judging from the current market penetration rate, although China's smart lighting business is growing, many families are still in a hesitant stage and haven’t converted to purchase. Therefore, the vast majority of intelligent lighting enterprises are still trying to correctly guide customers, the market at this stage is in the "incremental" link. If look from long-term development, once traditional lighting is withdrawn from the market, intelligent lighting will be irreplaceable existence, the future market potential is unimaginable.

The development prospect of intelligent lighting is ended here. Deamak Technology has been focusing on intelligent lighting industry, providing all kinds of general lighting, atmospheric lighting, indoor lamps, outdoor lamps, solar energy and new energy lighting solutions. If you are interested in our solution, please visit our official you for browsing.

Post time: Jul-19-2022