UV germicidal lamp

  • Ultraviolet automatic germicidal light DMK-Z10

    Ultraviolet automatic germicidal light DMK-Z10

    The ultraviolet germicidal lamp inhibits the reproduction of mites and bacteria, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%, which protects the health of the family. Three-position switch mode ON-OFF-AUTO; ON position: turn on the ON position, the green indicator light flashes with a dripping sound, the UV light is turned on after a delay of 10 seconds, and it goes out after 30 minutes of work; AUTO position: the green indicator light flashes, A beep will sound, and it will enter the detection state after a delay of 10 seconds. The object will be turned off immediately after it leaves; it will be sensed once, and the light will be off after 6 minutes of work, and it will work automatically every 8 hours. The red indicator light is on when charging, and it turns to green when it is fully charged; low battery reminder: the red light flashes with a sound; Note: do not look directly at the light.

    Applicaiton scenarios: wash cabinets, wardrobes, tableware cabinets, article cabinets, shoe cabinets, refrigerators, storage cabinets.