The production process of the moon lamp – 3D printing technology

Moon lamp has attracted a large number of consumers since it hit the shelves. In recent years, it has been in a relatively hot state. With its beautiful appearance, it was once the first choice for birthday gifts.

The reason why the moon lamp is favored by a large no of consumers is not only because of its beautiful design and small shape, but also because of the use of 3D printing technology to make it according to the real size of the moon. The shape of the moon is matched with soft or cool lighting to create a romantic atmosphere, allowing consumers to truly feel the moon in the sky in their palms.

At present, generally speaking, moon lamps have remote control and touch functions, which are simple and convenient to use. At the same time, the moon lamps in the market have yellow and white lights, respectively simulating two modes of warm moon and cold moon, different lighting, different moods.


Ningbo Deamak Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the body sensor light, creative night light, eye protection desk light, Bluetooth speaker light series research and development. It has a number of design and invention patents.

We believe that the current market prospects for 3D printed moon lamps are still optimistic, with great potential, and there are many different new versions emerging one after another. We will also update and improve the product through our own experience and production technology. Like product upgrades, we can try to launch voice-activated functions and magnetic levitation technology in the future, which will be more attractive to consumers.

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Post time: Sep-09-2022