The development prospect of solar street lamp industry

  In recent years, with the improvement of the conversion efficiency of solar cell power generation, the continuous development of LED lighting technology and the popularity of the concept of energy conservation protection worldwide, the solar street lamp product market has grown rapidly. 

  With the acceleration of urbanization construction, the rise of the concept of smart city and peaceful city, benefited from the promotion of national infrastructure investment, cultural tourism policy, "characteristic town" and various innovative modes, the solar street lamp market has ushered in an outbreak period and gradually developed in the direction of comprehensive urban lighting transformation.

  These supportive policies not only create a good macro environment for the development of the industry, but also bring substantial benefits to the development of the industry through large-scale demonstration projects, which is conducive to the long-term healthy and rapid development of the industry. 


  Under the ultimate goal of carbon peak, carbon neutrality, China has given birth to a huge new market. All industries are carrying out industrial upgrading and structural transformation with carbon reduction as the goal. 

  The emergence of new energy technology solar street lamp is deeply loved by the majority of consumers recently, it mainly uses the sun's natural light, can be lighting and save resources without the help of electric energy. Secondly, it will not affect the safety because of the aging circuit, unqualified street light material and circuit disorders. It directly converts solar energy into light energy and become safer.

  Solar street light industry is in the early stage of maturity stage, after the vigorously promotion and rapid development. The government have introduced policies to develop the solar street light and the market competition is intense. Finally, the competition focus from price to after-sales service.

  With the development of solar street lamp industry, there is a relatively concentrated industrial park in our country. However, the solar street lamp industry has a large number of enterprises, low market concentration wholly, which has not formed a leading enterprise with absolute advantages yet .

  Solar street lamp industry competition tends to be more fierce than before, only with innovation ability, quality advantage and the improved service system can the enterprise be in an invincible position.

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Post time: Aug-03-2022