New Discoveries in Opening up the Southeast Asian Market

Three days EXPO in Jakarta Indonesia has been so successful. We have received so many inquiries from local buyers. We are so proud that our booth was so preferred by the local visitors and they like our products so much, especially the Bluetooth speaker lamps, and the magnets built-in rechargeable sensor lamps. I guess these products are not very common there at this moment. It is such good chance for us to open up a new market there. If we keep digging for five years or ten years in a right way, I believe we will achieve a great success.

Moon Bay Bluetooth Speaker Lamp


360︒ Rotating Motion Sensor Lamp


During the China Homelife Fair in Jakarta, we also learned a lot about the native people there. The on-line shopping is very popular there. I think it could be like us here in China around ten years ago when the e-commerce were reaching the peak. This has provided our company with new ideas to expand our digital marketing efforts and reach this demographic. We are also excited to explore the possibility of cooperation with local e-commerce platforms and manufacturers, which could help us better understand the needs of Indonesian consumers.




At the end of the exhibition, we have also received WhatsApp private messages from local customers, looking forward to our company developing more novel lamps and expressing the hope to see us again at the Indonesian exhibition in May. This also gives us the confidence to continue to expand the Southeast Asian market.

The biggest reward of participating in this exhibition is that on the one hand, we can establish contact with local buyers, and on the other hand, we can show our products to consumers all over the world. It also provides us the opportunity to learn about new technologies and industry trends, which we can apply to improve our products and services. We are excited about the opportunities that this experience has opened up for us, and we are committed to continuing to explore new markets and technologies in the future. We believe with keeping innovations can we survive in the market and can even move further ahead.

Post time: Mar-24-2023