Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2023

Looking back at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in the fall of 2022, it has won the favor of many new and old customers. In April 2023, Ningbo Deamak starts again. For the company, this will be the second time to participate in this exhibition, accumulating experience on the basis of the first wonderful appearance even without our staff attending due to the pandemic.


In the early stage of the exhibition, the business team designed the poster style for the show, and prepared the samples accordingly and also arriving one day before the show to pasted the poster and display the samples in a good way. After all samples been placed, our team double checked the functions of each and make sure they work properly and in about one hour, they completed this part. Now they are ready. The sample are ready and so are the team!


The following are poster renderings and proofs. Samples are classified according to Bluetooth function, magnetic attraction, gift lights, etc., and some samples are posted on black-bottomed posters. Although the layout is simple, it is clear at a glance, allowing customers to browse easily.

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show 2023


All in all, the relaunch of the 2023 Global Sources CES is a valuable opportunity for companies to show their products and establish new business relationships, and also it is really a very good platform for a gathering of experts in the industry. We are very glad that we are so lucky to meet you here, and to grow and accumulate experience here. We will keep moving forward and keep supporting our customers with newest designs in terms of outdoor solar sensor lights, outdoor camping light, car hood light. Our latest new design will meet you soon in May 2023, the new space projection lamp series and also rechargeable cabinet lightings. 


Post time: Apr-11-2023