Fire Trees and Silver Flowers “Make” the Lantern Festival

After the Spring Festival, there is another important traditional festival for Chinese people—the Lantern Festival. There is a saying in China that the New Year holiday is truly over after the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival is also called the Lamp Festival. It is held on the fifteenth day of the first of lunar January every year. On this day, the whole country celebrate it with all various lantern festival. Colorful lanterns are hung in the streets and alleys. The whole family sits around and eats the Lantern Festival–sweet dumplings. A lively scene symbolizes the new year of reunion.

The most exciting and lively part of the Lantern Festival is putting off lanterns and guessing lantern riddles. In some entertainment places, lantern shows will also be held. All kinds of lanterns will make people’s eyes bright. It can be said that light is one of the biggest features of this festival. The visual impact creates a festive atmosphere, which is a beautiful picture. For us, lights are not only a festive atmosphere, but also a symbol of harmony and warmth, and a good wish and expectation for the future.

Generally, on the eve of the Lantern Festival, families reunion and thus new year begins. Some busy people fail to catch up with their families to eat glutinous rice balls and enjoy lanterns. They will experience the festival together through videos with their families or by turning on the ambient lights around them. Overall, to those people not with their families or with family members, an ambient light at home really enhances the Festival atmosphere, either when eating the sweet dumpling or watching the TV show.


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Friends who are far away, we hope to pass on this blessing to you, and look forward to the new year together!

Post time: Feb-03-2023